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ChubbChoice - Benefits & Compensation

Chubb's flexible benefits program - "ChubbChoice" - gives you the opportunity to choose the health care plans and financial protection to benefit you and your family during your career at Chubb. As your needs change, your benefits may change too. ChubbChoice benefits begin on the first day of the month following 30 days, or one full calendar month, from your date of hire or date of eligibility. Chubb pays most of the cost for your ChubbChoice benefits and you can often use tax-effective pre-tax dollars to pay your share of the cost.


Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey provides Chubb's national preferred provider organization (PPO) network and is offered in all Chubb U.S. locations. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs), are also available in some Chubb locations. Your eligible dependents (your spouse or qualifying domestic partner and children) may also be enrolled for medical coverage when you are enrolled.


The dental plan encourages preventive care and covers most dental services. Two preferred-provider-organization (PPO) options are offered in all Chubb locations. When you use network providers you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs. When enrolled in a PPO coverage option, you can obtain your dental care from any dentist you wish and still have coverage. Your eligible dependents (your spouse or qualifying domestic partner and children) can be enrolled for dental coverage when you are enrolled.

Vision Care

The vision care plan helps you manage the cost of periodic routine eye examinations and quality corrective eyewear (eyeglasses or contact lenses). Your eligible dependents (your spouse or qualifying domestic partner and children) may also be enrolled for vision care coverage when you are enrolled.

Disability Coverage

Chubb provides Short Term disability coverage at no cost to protect your income for up to 26 weeks in the event an illness or injury that prevents you from working. Income replacement benefit will vary between 60% or 100% of salary, determined by length of service.

Chubb offers a Long Term disability core benefit at no cost to all employees and will cover 60% of pay up to a monthly maximum benefit of $5,000. Employees whose annual salary is more than $100,000 can purchase additional coverage to provide up to 60% of pay limited to a $10,000 monthly maximum benefit.

Employee Life Insurance

Chubb provides employees with Group Term life insurance equal to 1x annual salary at no cost. Additional life insurance up to 8x salary can be purchased using after-tax dollars.

Dependent Life Insurance

You may purchase term life insurance for your spouse or qualifying domestic partner and/or children.

Personal Accident Insurance

You may choose among several options from ($100,000 to $700,000 - coverage above $700,000 is also limited to ten times your annual salary) that will cover you and your eligible dependents in the event of accidental death or certain serious injuries.

Spending Accounts

Chubb offers two types of spending accounts - a Health Care Spending Account and a Dependent Care Spending Account - to provide a way for you to lower your taxable income by setting aside money pre-tax for expenses you know you will have to pay during the year. By making pre-tax contributions to one or both spending accounts and submitting eligible expenses for reimbursement, you can save money on health care expenses not covered by insurance and/or child/elder care cost. A Health Savings account is also available if enrolled in Horizon’s High Deductible Health Insurance Plan.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

In addition to the ChubbChoice benefits, Chubb automatically provides you with insurance that will pay up to five times your annual salary (with a $1,000,000 maximum) should you be injured or die while traveling on company business.